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Feb 02 - Feb 08 2014

It's a bull market for 2014. Get in now
So how much is a rare 1974-D penny worth? $1,999,999.99 more than you would have guessed
Libya under the mistaken assumption they can get back the money Goldman Sachs cheated them out of
American Airlines predicts $400 million in new annual revenue from merging with U.S. Airways
After posting losses yet again, Nintendo President performs seppuku on 50% of his pay
French unemployment reaches all time record high of 11%
Moody's cuts Sony bond rating from ""digital"" to ""two tin cans and a string
71-year-old man sues Kroger's in small claims court over misleading ice cream ads in newspaper
Large 4Q losses at U.S. Steel Corp make hardened investors lose their temper
Bitcoin CEO arrested for money laundering, virtually
The rich are getting richer because they're marrying each other
BBC reveals a communist plot to take over the world's coffee supply
New Wal-Mart CEO to get $1.2 million base salary, but must work weekends
"New York named the worst state for taxes
Ordinary Chinese ashamed of Potempkin-like downtown shopping street littered with Appla Stores, Sffarks Coffee joints, and H&N outlets
It's the Super Bowl of TV commercials.
All those championship shirts and hats already made up for tonight's losing Super Bowl team really will go to Africa
Pizza perfume - for when you want to bring the subtle aroma of oregano and mozzarella everywhere you go
Abenomics is ROCKIN' Japan
Say bye bye to dependence: The United States of America is now the world's top gas and oil producer

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