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Jan 06 - Jan 11 2014

Sure, the NSA might be snooping in your spam folder but it's not like they hired the Chinese to build sensors for US fighter jets
Food companies cut daily calorie count by an average of 78 per person
USPS ordered to rehire a National Guardsman they fired in 2000
"Cold weather flight disruptions cost the airlines $1.4 billion
Banks blunt pot investments
Just because Starbucks coffee is predictable doesn't mean the store has to be
Staples cuts part time employee hours in order to exploit an Affordable Care Act loophole
"Bed, Bath & Beyond shares drop after disappointing earnings outlook from their ""Beyond"" division"
Velveeta shortage may force football fans to try real cheese
"Headline - ""Is Rainbow Loom bad for the environment
"Analyst downgrades Apple and Amazon. Fark: On ""moral and ethical"" grounds"
Nvidia says 'mysterious' crop circle that baffled locals in Chualar, California was a publicity stunt
Electrolux sucking harder than Hoover these days
Proctor & Gamble's 2014 Sochi Olympics
Texas politician invites Huy Fong Foods to move Sriracha manufacturing to his state
Indiana business owners angered by radio station's listing of the five best bathrooms
The most genuine apology from a games company you will see today/ever
Company unveils 10-foot long, stretched vehicle with sound system, lights, and a built-in mini bar
"Ford Motors on Wednesday: ""We have GPS in your car, so we know what you're doing."" Friday: ""We do not track our customers""

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