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Feb 17 - Feb 28 2014

Arctic drilling delayed for at least 15 years due to technical and logistical challenges, ice
Netflix pays ransom to Comcast for broadband access
Sony sued for unpaid royalties to past American Idol contestants. William Hung now eagerly awaiting his 74 cent check
No, this isn't another tech bubble; conventional rules of valuation just don't apply to internet companies
Returns on Obamacare investment fund are more than double the S&P 500 and more than triple the Repeal Obamacare fund
Old hotness: McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit. New hotness: Dunkin' Donuts hot apple cider lawsuit
Russell Stover candy company for sale. Prospective buyers can request a sampler
"Independent businesswomen fight for the right to pay taxes and have pensions"
"Sbarro's may not be anti-money, but consumers are increasingly anti-""mall pizza""
Passengers stuck on plane during 11 hour delay finally call police, demand food, water, and the right to leave the aircraft
Amazon trying to move into upscale brands, finally kill your local mall
Lululemon manages to stretch things too far yet again
Wal-Mart's profit forecast is dim now that there's not so much sweet, sweet food-stamp money floating around
The top 15 jobs in 2014. Pretty much all of them involve wearing a tag with your given name on it
Passes to poop on a toilet in Manhattan to cost $24 for three days, or $8 per day, along with a $15 annual sign-up fee
Coca-Cola to make $1 billion in cuts
"The state of the US solar industry
VW vows to fark over the South if they continue to fark over the workers. FINE, we don't need your commie-nazi cars
Comcast CEO: Allowing us to buy out Time Warner won't reduce competition because we're already a monopoly
Panera 4Q earnings rise to $54 million. That's a lot of bread

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