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May 18 - May 24 2014

Biggest sign of economic recovery: Rising housing prices. Biggest threat to economic recovery: Rising housing prices
The oil shale boom in the US and Canada might make us independent of OPEC
FDA says that Lunesta must carry warnings about drowsiness. Wait, isn't that pretty much the point of taking a sleep aid?
Goggle bays safe wares come penny that trains slates otter land gauges
Truce declared in clone wars
GM to employees: Please don't use words like "asphyxiating," "deathtrap," "disemboweling," "genocide," "grenadelike," "Hindenburg," "powder keg,"
Red Lobster sold to Golden Gate. Makes Green Gobster
NY Times' new executive editor starts his realm with a statement that really could have used some editing
Wall Street decides that they now love Penney stocks
Billion dollar battle in teeth-whitening industry pits multinational Proctor & Gamble against company with three employees
Hop shortage coming next year, EVERYBODY PANIC. Expect you Budweiser drinkers and other troglodytes
Bad weather and high ticket prices puts SeaWorld's earnings under water
As price of houses soars, more people choosing to live in houseboats despite daily fears of liquidity
If you're a woman's tennis sponsor and want your ad logo noticed where do you place it? Yeah, that's the problem
AT&T will stop spying on everything their paying customers do, but only if you pay them an extra $800 a year
Vietnamese protesters show their savvy geopolitical knowledge as they burn factories in Hanoi in protest of oil drilling in disputed territory
Highest priced residential foreclosure in the Hamptons now available, if you don't mind living near a comedian who collects Porsches
A look back at the history of the BMW M-series, the car that would put Chevy out of business if Corvette owners ever learned how to read
Bored with your job? There are still actual paying gigs for raven master, window cleaner for the Gherkin
How many private equity firms are law-abiding and ethical? About 47%

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