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Mar 23 - Apr 03 2014

"Saudi cleric issues a fatwa against all-you-can-eat buffets. Yes, they are finally taking the ""fat"" out of fatwa"
GAME TIME: FDIC sues 16 banks for interest rate manipulation. Write down your list of the usual suspects, then click to see how well you scored
Despite the crisis in Ukraine, the search for that missing jetliner and the unseasonably freezing weather
Remember Target being hacked and their customers' credit card data being stolen? Turns out that Target had anti-malware software that detected the hack
Russian oil company buys 50% stake in Pirelli. It would've been 100%, but you can only use one BOGO coupon at a time
So if Alibaba is about to IPO at a valuation of $153B, and Yahoo is worth $39B, and Yahoo owns 24% of Alibaba
"GM recalls just about anything with ""GM"" on it"
Company plans $50 million theme park in Canada that will offer residents summer 365 days a year rather than the 23 they currently enjoy
In a flash, Adobe profit falls 28%
Looking for a job? North Dakota has launched a campaign to recruit people for 20,000 jobs. However, they are in North Dakota
USPS to send pink slips to 10,000 workers in 2015. Employees should be receiving them some time in 2019
Finally, a reason to visit Starbucks
Mexican lime growers voluntarily reduce harvest to put the squeeze on America
Can you match popular food brands with their corporate parents? No running to the kitchen to check labels
Chinese smog insurance goes on sale to tourists for trips hampered by bad air
GM CEO will get honorary degree in May, which will be recalled in August for an unsafe frame
The talking E-Trade baby's 7-year reign of TV terror has finally come to an end
Debt management companies may not be acting in your best interest
New report finds that cocaine use is going to pot
Apple's iPhone 5c, deemed a failure by lazy and biased journalists, outsells top Android smartphones; reality to the left, butthurt haters to the right

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