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Oct 26 - Nov 01 2014

What your dog's costume says about the economy
Last operating MD-11 takes its last commercial flight
Meet the sub-minimum wage foreign data center workers whose sole job is to make sure dick pics and boobies don't show
Procter & Gamble: No batteries included
Carl's Jr. unveils new cinnamon French toast breakfast sandwich, which is just...just wrong
Sad: Twenty percent of cars in the U.S. have been recalled this year
Ever wanted to make your own Pepsi at home? Well, your wait is over
Caterpillar emerges as a butterfly in the 3Q
Nestlé admits that its sales of Hot Pockets are running cold
Now that it is profitable, a potentially 100 percent effective ebola vaccine will be tested after nearly 10 years on the shelf
Wall Street's reaction to McDonald's latest profit results? McFail
Any sufficiently advanced investment from a technology company is indistinguishable from Magic
Experts still have no idea why millennials aren't buying cars
Latest nail in the coffin for traditional taxis: minorities prefer Uber and Lyft because they don't racially discriminate against them
Man who probably fits your stereotype of "French oil company CEO" killed in Moscow plane crash, along with three crew members
If any Farkers had a baby today, you can get them started on retirement with a free $500
Yes, they are. Did anyone really think that they weren't?

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