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Sept 28 - Ocy 05 2014

U.S. Bank ordered to refund customers $48 million for deceptive practices, says they were just conducting business as usual
Turns out, there is a strong economic case for paternity leave. So why don't more companies offer it to new male parents?
Turns out, Dollar General's attempted bid for Family Dollar isn't viewed as viable by several states
The British get Domino's Stuffed Crust pizzas that Americans can't get, such as Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Crust variety
Apparently Consumer Reports is hell bent on finding out just how much force the new iPhones will take
"Blackberry loses less money this quarter" Well losing only half of nothing is better than losing all of nothing
For $265, British Airways offers airplane crash survival course
Obamacare is helping hospitals eliminate bad debt. Thanks Obama. No, really
Grocery stores waste literally tons of food trying to convince shoppers to purchase more food
Victoria Beckham opens first retail store in London offering fashion for women as large as a size zero
United Airlines cuts winter flights. Apparently they are still waiting for half the planes to arrive that took off during the spring
Listen potential employee, yes you have mad skills but look, you're one of those Virgos
The U.K. is seeking to criminalize the manipulation of seven financial benchmarks. In other news, rigging markets is apparently still legal there
From the striking while the iron is hot files: Hasbro has partnered with Disney to be the exclusive manufacturer of Frozen dolls... in 2016
US roads are in such bad shape that many large industries have abandoned 'just in time' deliveries

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