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Online press & distribution management

Custom News Desk services deliver a made-to-measure solution to strategically apply media monitoring, social intelligence and media campaigns.

Partner with media specilists

Our News Desk service is a made-to-measure solution utilized by leading companies as a valuable media partner. Our media experts provide consultation and strategic application for media monitoring, social media market intelligence, market research, press release and social media campaigns.

Leverage upon our global network

Our extensive news network provides our partners with unrestricted and direct access to a number of high profile media services through various channels to create a comprehensive media monitoring solution targeted towards specific goals.

The News Desk is an ideal partner for marketers, corporate communications and information professionals as our media experts transform unstructured media strategies into a powerful information tool.

Innovative news network

Our News Desk solution provides partners with instant access to our innovative news network. Advanced search facilities and optimized categorization delivers an ease of use that enables partners to focus on their information targets.

  • Search and filter leading news, social media and broadcast releases as they happen
  • Target media releases through customizable search, organized into sequence under personalized filtering technologies
  • Consolidate social media, blogs accounts, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, YouTube and many more
  • Integrated user options that enables partners to share information, dashboards, RSS and to develop custom 3rd party software
  • Subscription facility to increase client focused revenue via publisher licenses
  • Unrestricted and direct access to account advisers as partners develop the News Desk into an ideal solution

News Desk features

Features of the Nesk Desk

News Desk solutions consolidates fragmented media functions into a single, organisation-wide platform helping you to identify and analyse critical intelligence relevant to your business.

  • Distribute corporate news with contemporary media delivery techniques
  • Create a stronger media presence through efficient and prominent media channels
  • Develop B2B and B2C news subscriptions through a customized distribution portal
  • Monitor global brand awareness across a number of media feeds
Custom solutions

Custom filtering applications for targeted updates on actionable information and industry buzz complied to keep you and your organisation in the know.

  • React to media events with real-time analytics and notification systems
  • Track your competition and uncover opportunity yet to be realized
  • Share custom insights and views on buzz topics as you reach out to a wider audience
  • Consolidate the data that matters to you saving valuable time and resources
Media reputation management

Content enrichment as you enhance your value through positional exposure relevant to the needs of your organisation.

  • Leverage on the power of social media and the value of content enhancement
  • Location targeting and data translation
  • Monitor competitor coverage and industry support systems
  • Corporate and brand identity campaigns complete with analysis
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